• Cloud-based CRM software that is accessible and secure from any connected device, so that you can do your work like it’s 2019.
  • Machine learning and smart tagging that ensures the most important tasks pop to the top of your workflow and make it simple to provide meaningful responses.
  • Powerful analytics and sorting features that keep you organized and on point.

Reach Your Constituents on the Right Channels

Nothing stays the same – including constituent phone numbers and email addresses. iConstituent specializes in providing government offices with the most accurate and fresh constituent contact information available.

Our Services

Wherever you need to reach your constituents, we can help. With decades of experience working with government, we can tailor the exact package for your needs.

Email appending and matching to voter files

Telephone numbers for targeting in telephone town halls

Email verification and list cleaning

Voter file acquisition, management, and updates

Phone number verification or appends

New district list management and consolidation

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Oftentimes, the most necessary changes we need to make are the hardest. We understand this, and that is why we are with you every step of the journey as your transform your government office’s technology.

We take time to understand your office’s specific needs and challenges, and develop a comprehensive approach to implementation that you won’t need a consultant to manage. Unlike our competition, our solutions are made to bring reliability and efficiency to your office, not sell you managed services. No surprise expenses and no consulting fees – just our ongoing support and commitment to help your office realize IT savings in time and money.

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